How do I recognize fraud on Brenger/Marktplaats/WhatsApp or other platforms?

Updated at: 2023-07-04 11:14

Currently, there is a known form of payment fraud where the contact begins on platforms like Marktplaats, Facebook Marketplace, Zeelandnet, HiFi or similar (second-hand) selling platforms. Here's how it typically works:

Situation 1

  1. Sellers with an advertisement are approached by supposed buyers (fraudsters) who attempt to move the conversation to WhatsApp.
  2. The scammer (posing as a buyer) claims to want to use Brenger for the transportation of their purchase and asks for payment details.
  3. The scammer sends a WhatsApp link leading to a phishing website. This site closely resembles the genuine Brenger website and asks for bank details to be filled in.
  4. The fraudster checks the seller's online banking to view the account balance and obtain the customer's address.
  5. Subsequently, the seller receives a new WhatsApp contact from a courier (fraudster) to arrange the product pickup.
  6. On the day of the pickup, the courier asks the seller to verify their identity by scanning their ID card, passport, or driver's license using NFC. In reality, the scammer tries to install a Banking App on their smartphone, gaining access to the seller's account and other data. Next, the fraudster empties the customer's account. After scanning NFC, the courier (fraudster) makes an excuse to walk away, leaving the seller with an empty bank account.

Situation 2

  • Sellers who have an advertisement are approached by supposed buyers (fraudsters).
  • The scammer (posing as a buyer) claims to want to use Brenger for transportation.
  • The seller receives a phishing email that closely resembles that of Brenger.
  • They are asked to verify the transaction by purchasing a Neosurf/Recharge voucher.
  • The seller is directed to a phishing website that starts with:

Do you recognize any of these situations? Report it immediately.

If you have received a suspicious message (via email/WhatsApp/SMS) or have doubts about the reliability of the buyer, please contact Brenger Support via chat.

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