Can I arrange the payment for the Marktplaats purchase via Brenger?

Updated at: 2023-05-25 15:11

If you're buying items on second-hand platforms and want extra security, we recommend choosing secure product payment through Brenger. This way, you pay for the transport and the product at once. Once the courier has picked up and delivered the product, the seller receives the payment for the product in their bank account. This service is free of charge. Here's how it works:

Go to and enter the pickup and delivery addresses. Select the option "From a house" and indicate it's a Marktplaats transaction. Describe your product and choose to use Brenger for product payment as well. Enter the agreed-upon amount with the seller and their contact information. Double-check all the information to avoid cancellation fees and coordinate with the seller beforehand.


Buyer's situation

  • Please enter the agreed price. Double-check whether the purchase amount is correct; otherwise, the seller may cancel it, and you will be charged cancellation fees.
  • Enter the seller's contact details: name, phone number, and email address.
  • Pay for the transportation and the purchase price agreed upon between you and the seller.
  • The seller will receive a confirmation email with the details and the agreed price for verification. The seller should validate their information with the Online Payment Platform.
  • Once the courier confirms the delivery and the seller has verified their identity with the Online Payment Platform, the payment will be released. This will be transferred to the seller's given account number within two business days.

Seller's situation

  • Agree on the selling price with the buyer for the product you are selling.
  • Provide your contact details (name, phone number, email) to the buyer and provide the pickup address.
  • After the buyer books transport, you will receive a confirmation email requesting to verify payment of €0.01 via Online Payment Platform.
    Beware of fraud: this link is never sent via WhatsApp and always comes from
  • Once the courier confirms that the product has been picked up and you have verified your identity, the payment will be released. You will receive the amount within two business days after transportation to your account.

Read more here about the key points to watch out for if you are unsure about the buyer's trustworthiness.

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