Do I need to verify my account number?

Updated at: 2024-04-04 17:33

You never have to give your account number to Brenger or the buyer. When the buyer arranges the payment via Brenger, you will receive an email from or with the invitation to verify your identity with the Online Payment Platform. Invitations to confirm the payment through other channels, such as WhatsApp or different email addresses, may indicate phishing. Always report such attempts to the police or the online fraud helpdesk.

Checklist for safe selling process
What should you pay attention to, to prevent fraud via Marktplaats? You will receive an email notification when

  1. If the buyer from Marktplaats chooses to pay for a product via Brenger, you (seller) will receive an email notification from Brenger.
  2. Have you received a forwarded payment link via Whatsapp of from an unrecognisable email address? Do not click on a link. Brenger uses the following email address for this kind of communication: You can also tell if something is wrong from the URL the buyer sends you. A genuine Brenger URL always starts with: in the Netherlands in Belgium in Germany.

  1. During the payment process, you will be redirected to the Online Payment Platform/Foundation ( or Mollie Payments ( These are the payment systems that we offer our customers. The first time you sell a product on Marktplaats and have it transported through Brenger, you must transfer €0.01 to the Online Payment Platform to prove that you are the actual owner of the account you are providing. This arrangement is also in place to prevent cybercrime.
  2. Please note, that Brenger couriers will never ask you for a copy of your ID or make picture of it. Never send a copy of your ID yourself, either.

Still in doubt?
Contact our customer service via our chat.

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